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We take pride in offering the newspaper for you to use in the classroom with your students, and invite you to take advantage of these resources. Our NIE Department carefully incorporates school oriented material according to state standards to make sure your students have accurate and current information. These lesson plans and materials allow students to have fun while engaging them in hands-on learning.
Using Newspapers In Education Helps:
  • Sharpens critical thinking
  • Increases interest and motivation by providing relevant study materials
  • Prepares students for active citizenship in their democracy
  • Involves schools in the lives of the surrounding communities
  • Provides an alternative means to text books
  • Increases scores on standardized tests
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  • NIE was established for the everyday student. Our program gives you the freedom to browse our products and choose what materials would work best for your class and teaching approach. Feel free to use our materials as they are, or alter them to best fit your lesson goals and teaching style. If you have an idea for curriculum, suggestions on content, or a concern, please feel free to contact us. We will do the best we can to meet your requests.
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