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While the teachers are given educational materials and students receive a change of pace in the classroom, you can be assured that your child is not only exploring current events and applying new techniques for learning, but are also becoming cultured. Having students acquainted and comfortable with the newspaper helps familiarize them with our world, which is especially important for the growing generation.
Benefits to Children:
  • Familiarizes the child with contemporary ideas, practices, and trends
  • Improves reading ability and vocabulary
  • Provides context and reference points for less common subjects
  • Furnishes variety of style and content
  • Gives the child an introduction to specialized topics
  • Builds learning and thinking skills
  • Stimulates interests through reading
  • Helps develop the tools necessary for good citizenship
  • Learns how to better anticipate change, learn from others, and plan ahead
  • Expand Learning from the Classroom to the Home
    As a parent, you too can get involved with your child’s educational endeavors through NIE. One of the many features of NIE is that your child can bring the news home! There are many ways you and your child can communicate through the news; check out some of the exclusive activities that you and your child can do at home. Also, we welcome you to check the sponsor page and take advantage of special rates and discounts for numerous events and locations that the whole family can enjoy.
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