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Key Digital Edition Components:
  • Table of Contents
  • Thumbnail Navigation
  • Toolbar Navigation
  • Key Digital Edition Article Components:
  • Ability to change the font size
  • Allows you to listen to the article
  • Easy access to printing the article
  • Recommends articles that are similar to the articles you have previously viewed
  • Top Navigation Features:
    1. Search Bar: Provides an easy way to find past or present articles by using keywords.
    2. Calendar: Allows you to choose a date and read the related article or the entire paper featured that day.
    3. Table of Contents: Provides a drop menu that gives you quick access to articles.
    Sidebar Navigation Features:
    4. Thumbnail Tab: Separates the paper by section giving a front page view of each page.
    5. NIE Supplement Tab: Lets you access the digital version of our special NIE supplements that will be available from some of our corporate sponsors such as; The Please Touch Museum, Phillies, and UPenn.
    6. Inquirer Tab:Gives you immediate access to both The Inquirer and The Inquirer South Jersey edition.
    Bottom Navigation Features:
    7. Picture Gallery: Allows you to see all of the images within the paper. By clicking the images, you will be redirected to the corresponding article.
    8. Zoom In - Zoom Out: Allows you to zoom in and out of the digital publication.
    9. Left Page - Right Page: Lets you flip through each page of the paper with ease.
    10. Printer: Gives you the ability to print any article.
    Article View Features:
    11. Listen: Allows you to listen to the article, even while you browse other parts of the paper.
    12. Translate: Gives you the option to translate an article into 12 different languages.
    13. Font Size: Lets you to change the font size to small, medium or large text.
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